Asana and Tantra Yoga

Founded in India some 6,000 years ago, it is easy to say that Tantra is a very old art. Tantra combines different subjects like physics, geometry, astrology and others to enhance awareness in either a conscious or unconscious mental state. Tantra yoga principles believe to bring together the male and female energies together, in order to help people achieve inner peace and a heightened state of spirituality. Asana or body posture is the most famous ritual that is practiced not only by devotees but also the common man because of its great benefits.

Tantra Yoga & Asana

Asana, a word from the Sanskrit language, is a specific body position practiced in Yoga. It emphasizes on the concept of becoming an expert in sitting still in one position with the spine is in a straight and upright position. Subsequently, various energies are formed at base of the spine, and transferred throughout the body. Asana pays great attention to where and how the practitioner sits. Most experts recommend that asana should have a firm platform but should keep the practitioner as comfortable as possible because of the extended period that the person stays in that position.

Tantra Yoga

Yoga has always been considered a physical exercise with slight variations over the course of time. Original yoga don’t really pay homage to the recently introduced postures which require one to stand and believe in its truest form as the simplest and most effective asana. However, over time expert yogis themselves have made changes and additions to all types of yoga’s.

Asana Nowadays

Asana nowadays refers to various postures useful for restoring and maintaining practitioners wellbeing, along with more flexibility and strength, as well as helping them develop the ability to stay in a meditative state for an extended period of time. The body should be held in a relaxed position in which the individual shouldn’t feel any sort of pain or discomfort. Regular practice of the physical movements will eventually give the practitioner complete control over his or her body. This control helps the individual reach the first step of relieving himself or herself from any depressive state.

There are different practices that are followed for performing asana, such as making sure your stomach isn’t full, do not force your body to perform in a way it cannot, parts of the body should be lowered very slowly and breathing should be under control. Some of the major benefits of performing the different postures are improved strength, flexibility and balance, reduced stress and anxiety, increased energy levels and improved overall health.

Does Asana increase your flexibility and strenght?

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