Tantra Yoga was founded in ancient India centuries ago and is has been in practice ever since. Tantra yoga takes some ideas from traditional yoga, while others are completely different. Tantra means to unite two contrasting forms of energy to greater the awareness level in order to unrealized levels. Under Tantra policy, everything is accepted and embraced because everything is based on desire. Each person on this earth has desires and this influences the way we behave in different situations. It is preferred for everyone to realize and fulfill their deepest desires; holding back can otherwise lead to a number of complications. This can be a daunting task to overcome.

Tantra Yoga Forbids Nothing

A person can learn and grow from everything they experience that will eventually enhance awareness, which in the end is the entire basis of the Tantra yoga. Tantra has the notion that opposites are not substitutes but rather complements and that the idea of wholeness represents that perfectly. It is easier to understand if you look at this way, males and females are not just genders but something more. All human beings have different characteristics, but everyone has some masculine and some feminine, combining all these form a human being.

Tantra Beyond Sex

Sexual experimentation and pleasure have always played a role in Tantra yoga and has been practiced since the early days of this philosophy. Tantra has always treated sex in high regards and is one of the best ways to learn more about yourself and your partner. Tantra yoga does not believe that make sexual adventures immoral or erroneous. It is perfectly normal to have healthy sexual appetite and it should not make you feel bad and actually has many benefits.

Being Comfortable

Tantra yoga wishes everyone to recognize that their personalities have both male and female attributes and they should remain comfortable with it. The male is influenced to discover his vulnerable side; the best example of this is crying when you want and compliance to your partner during sex. The women can explore their masculine sides and realize that they can initiate lovemaking and enjoy receiving pleasure.

Acts like these do not mean that the man has to give up being a man and the female has to lose her femininity. This is just a way to show yourself and your partner a different side, a side that is more intimate and let your partner know that you actually care. Tantra yoga adds a little something special into the couple’s sex life, which obviously helps build a better relationship.

The teachings of Tantra not only help you become great at sex but they also enhance your mental and physical health.

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