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Panic attacks are best described as escalating and overpowering anxiety, which is really difficult to control. Initially, the person does not really know why he or she is having a panic attack and most say that it just happens without any reason. Some of the symptoms of a panic attack are shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, sweating, trembling, and dizziness. Panic attacks are not only limited to physical setbacks, but also lead to fears, emotional instability, bad relationships and negatively viewed situations. People who suffer panic attacks can lead to odd habits that consequently result in other more complex problems. Living with such fears and anxiety problems can make any person lose interests in his life and relationships.

Panic Disorder

Tantra Yoga

Panic disorder has always had a cure and the best results have occurred with a combination of medication and therapy. However, trends that are more recent have seen patients using yoga as a legitimate treatment because of all stress-reducing exercises. Yoga is a very precisely defined philosophy that prefers to look for the nature and causes of different illnesses before we look for an actual cure. Therefore, with regard to Tantra yoga techniques, one has to define a panic disorder, and then list the causes, then identify how the patient’s life will be after recovery and how he or she will recover finally. Doctors say that the symptoms of a panic attack are related to problems of nervous system.

Tantra Yoga

Tantra Yoga

Tantra Yoga can be very helpful in helping to manage the patient’s involuntary reactions to certain anxiety situations. Tantra yoga helps people learn how to interact with the nervous system. The best way to strengthen and control the nervous system is through proper breathing techniques, which are taught by Tantra yoga. Act of breathing and nerves have a special bonded relationship; in which mood can change the breathing style and breathing style can change the mood. This is the only involuntary function which can be easily controlled, and provide us with instant contact to the nervous system. Learning the proper breathing techniques is vital to become more calm and relaxed.

The bodies of people who suffer from panic attacks are also very tight and tense. This is where different postures and stretching techniques can come in handy. Any sort of tension in the abdomen area can inhibit proper breathing, therefore, getting rid of all the muscle tension is of great significance.

Increasing Awareness

Tantra yoga’s main objective is to increase awareness, which can be very useful for people who suffer from panic attacks because they can recognize tension and anxiety ahead of time, which makes it easier to overcome and eventually relax in a tense situation. Meditation is also very helpful because it lets the mind gain strength over time, which makes it easier to face and overcome your biggest fears. Tantra yoga provides a complete philosophy that intertwines the mind, body and spirit in such a way that you can face and conquer any of your fears.

Has Tantra Yoga been helpful for you to reduce Panic Attacks?

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