Tantra is a very old Indian art and the word comes from the Indian language Sanskrit. This word has various different meanings, but the ones that pertain to the actual science is union or the coming together. Basic acts and rituals of Tantra are puja, meditation, some secret rituals, and do not solely concentrate on sex contrary to popular belief. Puja is the act of praying to different gods and goddesses for some specific reason using superior instruments and offering gifts. Meditation, along with the breathing exercises, help enhance spirituality, in which a person actually thinks he or she has embodied the god that was called upon and sees everything through the Gods eyes.

Tantra’s Secret Practices

The secret practices consist of carrying out acts that depict certain attributes, for example, a feast given to the people is a sign of wealth and nourishment. Tantra Yoga is very interesting because of all the benefits associated with it. Tantra Yoga has been practiced for centuries and the actual date of creation has never really been figured out. Tantra wishes that everyone awakens and brings together their masculine and feminine attributes together to achieve a new level of comfort and understanding. Meditation is the best way to purify the mind and heart.

Meditation sessions should last for about 15-30 minutes, sitting in a quiet room focusing on bringing together different energies in the body.

Tantra Yoga Meditation

In order to get the best results and learn the proper techniques, it is important to consult an expert guru. Tantra wants everyone to embrace any obstacle or hurdle faced, because this can be the best way to learn about how you cope in pressure situations and can eventually lead to you growing as a person. Tantra says that opposites are more like complements. It believes that males and females should be seen as two things being combined in every person. Sex in Tantra yoga has been practiced for a very long time.

Tantra Sex

Sex has always had a special role in Tantra because of its benefits. It does not believe that sexual adventures are wrong or impose guilt trips. Rather it aims everyone to understand that it is natural experience and everyone should want to indulge in it.

Tantra Sex

Tantra yoga helps to improve sexual health and that leads to lower stress and depression. Tantra Yoga techniques have now become a part of various exercise programs because it helps in improving flexibility and muscle strength and is great for rehabilitation of injuries. Tantra Yoga techniques are increasingly used to help children and adolescents with different diseases such as ADHD, cancer, autism and Down syndrome etc.

Have you seen through God’s eyes?

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