At the root chakra is a small gland the size of a pea, is called the Kunda, in Tantra. Located at the base of the spine is the glomus coccygeum gland, associated with the potential energy of the Kundalini, which only becomes active in a few people. Tantric exercises are primarily for that long-term goal of activating it, and bringing it up the standing wave in the center of the spine. The ida, pingala, and sushumna arise out of it. The ida is a conduit related to the female, parasympathetic, left, negative magnetics, and the pingala, is male, sympathetic nervous system, right, positive magnetically. These wind around the sushumna, the line in the center of the spine, like the caduceus, the symbol of the medical profession.

Tantric Meditation

Tantric Meditation

Much of Tantric meditation has to do with moving energy through those different pathways. We don’t want the energy to move through one side more than the other, but to balance between the ida and pingala. When that happens, it can move into the sushumna in the center, which allows more intense transformation. The chakras are like nodes in the standing wave, like musical notes that are beautiful when they are in tune, and resonate with each other, creating louder and louder sound. And when we are with a partner who resonates with us, the sound becomes a louder, more electric hum as the waves amplify their size.

Dr. Robert Wallace showed that long time meditators seemed as many as twenty years younger than their age, their bodies retaining their youth. Insurance companies like meditators, because they are hospitalized far less. We are resonating with the energy of the earth when we meditate, on its frequency, and we are creating standing waves, which make us new.

If we pluck a string, say on a piano, at its halfway point, it arcs symmetrically, which creates a standing wave with nodal points where the arcs come into the center, bindhu point. At the nodal point, the string is resting, while the remainder vibrates. The point is like the god Shiva, stillness, with the Shakti, the manifest world of vibration coming out of him.

If we play a note on a piano, the other octaves will begin resonating with it. Higher levels of our aura, and our charkas, need to be tuned correctly to be in integral relationship with each other like those strings, so they will work in conjunction with each other for full Tantric Lucidity. The more Tantric exercises we do well, the more we learn to follow the resonances up the octaves into the higher levels of ourselves, which become pure universal love. We can learn to resonate with all time and space, and add the best possible desired vibration into it through our personal signature frequency as a carrier wave.

Constructive interference between waves that are put together doubles their amplitude. On the other hand, waves added together that cancel each other out to form a line is called destructive interference. Tantric partners, or any couple, really, can probably tell which kind of relationship they have. How do their frequencies go together? Do they complement each other, and form a giant wave that they can feel? Or do their spiritual practices flatten instead, and they feel less electricity when meditating together?

How do we relate to the waves of the earth? The earth resonates at 7.5cycles a second, and the body from 6.8to 7.5 Hz. When we meditate, we resonate with the earth. Slow breathing and stillness let our hearts resonate more easily with the earth, and it becomes one of those good Tantric partners for us as we experience oneness together.

Tantric Lucidity

Our bodies translate the patterns of nodes and vibrations from the standing waves in the nervous system into our idea of reality, or non reality. As our bodies oscillate at 7 Hz, at the14 nodes of rest, we expand into the infinite. We can learn to follow our consciousness into those nodal points of disappearance, and back. That is an aspect of what I call Tantric Lucidity. We maintain our continuity of consciousness to include the pure beingness, the Shiva, the rest, nothingness, and that is like being aware during delta brain-waves of deep sleep. It’s very possible, and I’ve done it often, and even been tested using biofeedback, as I was able to put myself in delta at will, even as an adolescent.

Tantric Lucidity

We are made of such stuff as fireflies, lighting off and on extremely quickly, sometimes more synchronized than others, but at all times, at least part of our bodies are out of this world, in the off stage. Like Kali, we expand and contract into manifestation, and Tantrikas know how to slow down our sense of time and spend beautiful time in the off stage periods of our bodies and return to tell the tales. This is a type of lucid dreaming while awake. The tales are really anti-stories, in which no conflict need occur.

We can experience Shiva in the stillness of the nodal points, the oscillating off phase. Shiva and goddess Kali play out divine Tantric sex, pulsing back and forth, experiencing love as two being one.

The Material World

The material world is made of larger, slower waves, and thoughts of higher frequency waves, and intuitions and meditations even faster ones, but they are all waves. The more lucid we are, the more aware of the waves, the more able we are to raise our frequency, and manipulate physical reality by connecting the two. We can move our awareness from slower to faster, back and forth, bringing the two into unison, bringing the perfection of concept into the dense physicality.

For example, healers work on the etheric body, and even parts of the body that vibrate at a more subtle speed, and that creates healing in the physical body. As we raise our frequency of awareness, we can become more intuitive, more lucid, understand with sudden flashes of diagrams and geometrical symbols, expand our awareness farther and farther into our wide levels of our aura, and approach the the absolute, infinite, the purusha. I can say personally that using my awareness to climb the higher frequencies in a resonance took me to the most beautiful Kundalini visions, geometries explaining concepts with vivid colorful brightness, and gave me more healing abilities than I had before.

The Famous Two Slit Experiment

The Famous Two Slit Experiment

In the famous two slit experiment, one electron at a time was shot toward a screen with two slits in it, and created an interference pattern on the other side as if each electron passed through both slits at the same time. It seemed as as if all the probable paths it could have taken it did indeed take, being a set of probabilities anyway. The path not taken in our reality still affected the outcome. (Probabilities could be seen as simultaneous lives on parallel universes.)

The dark areas in the interference pattern on the screen are the nodal points, where the vibrations come together into the still point, and the light areas are the rounded vibrations of the standing waves. This is the same pattern as described in the Ida and Pingala crossing along the spinal channel, the nodal points being the charkas. It’s actually quite musical.

The waves of possibilities can cancel each other out in interference, limiting the number of probabilities. Later, more complex versions of the experiment by various physicists show that electrons and photons literally chose their own past, and can even revise it. Tantric exercises can be like magic, as we can influence the past and future with our will, visualization, healing.

The implicate order is a wholeness. Each manifestation of that wholeness into the separateness of the explicate order reacts with a flow back towards the implicate order, according to David Bohm. Kali the goddess opens and closes, and Shiva pulses out and in, destroying, and creating.

The Word ‘Tantra’

The world is a web of relationships. The word “Tantra” is translated etymologically by some as the “web,” and by others as “to weave”. The paradox is explained by this principle in physics. There is no difference. It is all relationship. The noun and the verb are the same thing. The particle and the wave, the explicate and the implicate. Feeling the standing wave running up your spine literally feels to me like I am the spine of god.

The Word 'Tantra'

Electrons are patterns of standing waves connected to each other on a string at their nodal points, according to Shrodinger. These occur not only in a line as in a guitar string, but also in circles similar to water that has had something dropped into it, creating the waves traveling outward that interfere with each other, creating nodal points.

The particles exist in standing waves in a circle around the nucleus, similar to a mandala. Each standing wave in an atom is unique. Their shapes are something like Rorshach tests, symmetrical in at least two directions, but creative, like the Sanskrit letters that are the emanations of the vibrations. There are only a set number of standing wave patterns allowable at each level of energy, and only certain ones can combine with the others.

The interactions are fascinating, as each inference destroys the first particles, and new ones take their places. The world is truly new each moment! The particles are tendencies to exist, made up of interactions of fields. It is really the fields that are interacting. Every particle is either positively, negatively, or neutrally charged. As you may imagine, positively and negatively charged subatomic particles are attracted to each other, and that is the electromagnetic force. Sex. It’s what holds the family together and what creates more of it. And with Tantra, good sex creates the sense of more aligned nodal points, constructive interactions that amplify the waves, make the subtle sound louder, as you move within the egg of energy formed between the two of you, which becomes the egg of all energy.

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