The main female and male principles depicted as goddess Shakti and god Shiva are only two among many representations of the divine, and they are surrounded by many forms of demons, saints, and other beings, all symbolizing principles of physics, brilliantly so. They are also related to states of consciousness. They are all seen as versions of the whole.

Tantra & Kali

Kali, the frightening goddess with a pointed tongue she sticks out (lion’s pose), while wearing a necklace of skulls which stand for each letter of the Sanskrit alphabet, which in manifest all the vibrations of the world, has transcendent, primal aspects revered by Tantrikas. She was born roaring from the forehead of goddess, Durga, during a war between the divine and demonic. She breaks apart obstacles, vanquishing evil. She stands on top of the prone Shiva, as they are indeed one, just as the male and female magnetics are really two poles of the same thing.Page 62, Kali, the Feminine Force Kali, the Feminine Force

As Dakshinakali, Kali is black, eats colors. She is all natural, naked. Her hair is the veil of illusion, braiding space and time together into order. In her hand, she holds a head, and in her other hand, a sword. Interestingly, this is something some Tantric practitioners go as a regular ritual, though they may have a bit of trouble finding a real head. Sometimes they have to use a melon and a switchblade!

Tantra & Manifesting

Just as in Tarot decks, the sword alludes to the mental plane. She cut it off because it’s not Tantric to think from the beta brain wave head centered, ego centered illusion as much as to let Being speak move through you. But she has more hands; one gestures not to be afraid, and the other– to persist fighting ego and darkness impeding our spiritual progress. She’s so carried away with hands, she wears a necklace of the darn things, and she has more than enough eyes to go around. Tantrikas see the goddess in all her manifestations no matter how ugly, and worship death of illusory of separation: the principle of the dissolution of matter.

Tantra & Manifesting

She has 8 more core forms, including the virgin mother goddess, she who absorbs, she who maintains. The opening and closing of her yoni (vagina) create cyclical of time, and froths up the quantum foam, with all the tiny particles appearing, disappearing, and reappearing. Each of the 8 forms can be divided as well into aspects.

Kali manifests creation (the triangle), preserves it (straight line), and destroys it (circle). She is also represented by the bindhu, the dot that is the source and the ending point, the node. She shows us that we must move beyond the relative space time, to be one with the whole that is beyond that. Ultimately, it’s all one point, all one endless whole, one world divided for analysis mentally, but really all her.

Tantra Space

Particles are tendencies to exist, potentials in the flow of the wave function, many possibilities existing at once, all possible paths of each particles effecting its future. The holomovemnt of the quantum field unfolds into the manifest explicate order, like the god of non manifest, simple absolute beingness–Shiva giving birth to Shakti. Shiva is the infinite holomovement, wholeness creating the illusion of separation when we label things that have unfolded out of it. The holomovement unfolds and folds itself back into itself, flashing on and off, like Shiva. Shiva dances to create and to dissolve, both, and that’s called Spanda, the basic vibration of the world arising out of the invisible whole. You may have seen statues of Shiva dancing, his hair like vibrations of sine waves, the pulations.

Space is full of energy which forms the stars, and comes from beyond space and time. Particles that arise out of are as events really, rather than things, and they scintillate, pulsing off and on as each moment projects outward and inward into the implicate order of the holomovement, Shiva’s realm.

If we focus our attention on the explicate, manifested order, the visible world around us, we have the sense of separate objects which are solid, not obviously conscious. But looking into the explicate order, we grasp their relation as one field. The “separate” objects are symbols of each other, interacting, loving. There are no forms at all, really, all being made of consciousness. The physicist Bohm says that all time is enfolded into the now. It all exists in the present moment.

Every moment also has many probable worlds enfolded into it too. It’s unclear whether the probablilities not actualized in the world we are in continue on and influence our reality, or fade away very quickly.



Waves of virtual particles pulse on and off, creating quantum foam, tiny wormholes. Space is black holes and white holes spewing matter in and out of existence. Dreaming it and waking up, dreaming it and waking up. We can follow this with our mind, lucidly. The more we do Tantric exercises, the more we’re able to experience the Spanda, the pulsation, the more we can follow the on and off, the dark, and light, solid, and empty. It’s easy to see it visually, especially when coming out of very deep meditations.

We not only see the electricity, we can feel it, the “chemistry” between people, but this is harder to feel when we aren’t electrically charged. Men lose their charge when they ejaculate too much, and so holding onto the seed allows them to experience the electric quality of life more vibrantly.

Boson particles are wavelike, superimposed on each other, and fermions, with their double spin, tighten into separate, discrete matter. It’s possible that the first spin of the fermions turn them into white holes, and the second spin at another angle turns them into a black holes. When the electron is a black hole, it can be seen as a positron, going backwards in time, or in a parallel universe, or out of time itself. In black holes, we can go backward or forward in time.

The god and goddess represent the wavelike whole, the continuity, when they are thrust together in love-making. When they pull apart, they represent the separate qualities, the fermion properties. Life comes out of them and into them. She eats colors, like a black hole. He dances to the drum, and the sound vibration forms the world.

Tantric Texts

The substance of the world loses its individuality and goes back to the primal Shiva. Atoms disintegrate, and turn into pure energy, and then go back into form again, the whole process creating electricity and heat, and solids. The degrees of dissolving and returning to form are described in Tantric texts as gods and goddesses. Ultimately, though, they are all one being, as they are only labels of stages of the one.

So, we don’t want to get caught up in the gods and goddess so much as learning what they tell us about the movement of energy into matter, and matter into energy, the pulsation we can not only see, and feel, we can hear. It’s called the nada, and the vibration in our skulls when doing extreme meditations, raising the Kundalini, can become very loud. This vibration is intense, and to experience it in the flesh through doing the exercises prescribed by the ancients, is part of the spiritual evolution, according to Tantra. And I have to say, Tantra doesn’t go by faith. It goes by experiences that can’t be denied.

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